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Invertebrate Reports

Invertebrate Reports cover

AUTHOR: D. Maruzzo



FORMATS: ebook (kindle edition)




FORMATS: ebook (epub)

ISBN: 9786050429626


DESCRIPTION: We live in an unknown world. Many people think we are quite aware of what is going on on planet Earth, but this is not true. Indeed, we probably just have a basic knowledge of the organisms that live in this planet with us. We do not know much about how they feed, how they perceive their surroundings and how they respond to different stimuli. The vast majority of all known animals are invertebrates and invertebrates are so many, so diverse, and they live in so many different (micro)environments, that there is simply too much to know. All these animals shared with us this planet, yet we live in worlds that, at the individual scale, seems to have nothing in common. Big insects flying from flower to flower as adults, surrounded by air and strong smells and colours. Microscopic animals moving between sand grains at the bottom of the sea. Small animals spending all their life between small aquatic plants into the flow of water of a small stream. And so many others different situations. This book, which is a collection of research blog posts not available on the web any more, can give everyone a glimpse of the diversity and complexity of invertebrate animals around us.

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Invertebrate Reports available as ebook

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